Dean and Will

Our Vision

Our mission is to share the ultimate pizza making experience with the world. Crafted by professional pizza chefs, our recipe boxes take you on a journey through the creation of a pizza & teach you a skill that will impress your guests!

Who we are

A family of foodies who have grown up on with fresh Italian home cooking. Our family have spent their lives working in restaurants to bring the traditional recipes to the UK. Our passion is second to none and it shows!

Our History

Dean, the founder, started working in his family's restaurant at the weekend and fell in love with the culture. A fascination was developing around pizza and so he set out on a journey to bring the best recipe to you.

Packaging that puts the planet first

We are mindful of the negative impact that business can have on the environment and have aimed to reduce this in our supply chain. We source ethically produced ingredients and all of our materials used in the packaging of products are widely recyclable or bio-degradable.

The box is widely recyclable, please search for your nearest recycling location and discard of the materials responsibly. It takes a small amount of effort to help make an impact on our planet. 

Make authentic Italian pizza with The Original Pizza Kit by Papa Lino’s. Our ancestors will have likely had a pizza night weekly wherever they hailed from because many cultures had their own version of the classic pizza. There is debate about who created the first pizza but we can all agree that whichever pizzeria it was, they were based in Naples, Italy. The pizza as we know it today has been refined and adapted in regions all around the world as chefs had made their own personal tweaks to create styles we all love! Check out The true story of pizza for a brief insight into the background, study the details before you make your own style!


Our boxes contain quality pizza ingredients even the best pizzerias in Naples would be proud of. You might have made pizza at home before using store bought ingredients, but it is nothing like using the best products specifically for making pizza from scratch.A particular important ingredient is the 00 flour. It is key to the neapolitan style of pizza and is not to be underestimated. Typically it is difficult to find in stores but you can find online if you know the right place to look. Have a read on Caputo flour – the flour included on our box, so you can understand why we are the best.